Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Deadline: All materials must be submitted by 4 pm February 19th 2016.

Goal: The goal of the VUSRP is to enhance joint student-faculty research efforts.


  • The major component of the program is the scholarly work done by a student in collaboration with a full-time faculty member.
  • The VUSRP involves full-time work. Participants cannot enroll in summer session courses.
  • The program lasts ten weeks, May 30, 2016 – August 5, 2016.
  • Five informal seminars are planned for students in the VUSRP.
  • A poster session, open to the Vanderbilt community, will be held in the Fall featuring the work done by VUSRP participants

Student support: A $5000 stipend will be provided for each student. A limited number of Littlejohn Fellow awards will also be made with a stipend of $6000. Additionally in 2016 Vanderbilt undergraduate students can also apply to the 2016 ACCRE Scholars summer program. The ACCRE Scholars summer program will be run through the VUSRP and applicants should indicate their interest in this program in the spaces provided on both the online and paper application forms. More information on the ACCRE Scholars program can be found here.

Faculty support: Some faculty members are eligible to apply for supplementary research funds for themselves, in connection with the VUSRP, under the Undergraduate Research Supervision Grants component of the University Central Research Scholars Grants Program, information about which can be found at:

Note: To be considered for these research funds, the faculty sponsor must apply for them through the Research Scholar Grants Program at the same time the student applies for the VUSRP Fellowship.


  • Vanderbilt students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs are eligible.
  • Full consideration will be given to students who have at least a 3.0 GPA. In recent practice, awards have typically gone to students with GPAs of 3.2 or above.
  • The official dates of the program generally coincide with Vanderbilt’s full summer session. Shifting the dates of participation in the program from the official ones is permitted, as long as the Fellow is engaged in 10 weeks of full-time research over the course of the summer (e.g., starting the program a bit early, or ending it a bit late is permitted). If this is not possible and the Fellows participation would involve significant deviations (>2 weeks absence during the regular 10 week period) from the program dates this should be stated and discussed in the body of the application.
  • Although the program is primarily for rising juniors and seniors, applications from others will be considered. Graduating seniors are not eligible.
  • Research within the VUSRP is not restricted to work within a student’s major area of study, but is restricted to work with a full-time faculty member who either holds an appointment in one of the four undergraduate schools (i.e., Arts and Sciences, Blair, Peabody, and Engineering), or is a core faculty member associated with the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS).
  • Faculty mentors may sponsor only one VUSRP applications for this year’s competition.
  • Check to see what students have done in previous years to see what projects have been supported in the past.

Information meetings: Check for meeting times leading up to the application process

Application procedure:

  • To submit an application to the 2016 competition please complete the online form available here and download and complete the paper application form available here.
  • The paper application includes sections to be completed by the student, by the faculty research sponsor, and by the student-faculty team.
  • Submission of the application on time is the student’s responsibility. The entire application must be endorsed by the faculty sponsor. Faculty members may endorse only one application (see eligibility section above).
  • The online form PLUS FIVE copies of the application form plus five copies of the student’s official transcript (1 original) should be submitted by 4 pm Friday, February 19th, 2016 to the VUSRP box in 107 Olin Hall. Please have your application ready before going to 107 Olin Hall – there is no room for you to assemble your application in 107 Olin Hall.
  • In preparing the application, the official transcript should be removed from its envelope, and all copies of the transcripts should be stapled to the copies of the application forms, as a continuation of the application form.

Application review:

  1. The VUSRP Coordinating Committee will review the applications.
  2. The review will consider
    • The extent to which the proposed work will enhance joint student-faculty research
    • The degree to which the research setting and work plan meet the student’s stated goals
    • The role that participation in the VUSRP plays in the faculty member’s program of academic work and research
  3. Awards will be announced by April 1st 2016.