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Staff Members

Vanderbilt Vision Research Center

  • Staff Members – Medical Center MRB IV

Administrative Assistant III: Jill Brott
Office: 11425 Langford-MRB IV
Phone: (615) 343-7620

Histotechnologist I: Purnima Ghose

Office: 11425 Langford-MRB IV
Phone: (615) 936-6866

  • Staff Members – Wilson Hall

Animal Care Veterinary Technician : Mary Feurtado
Office: 045 Wilson Hall
Phone: (615) 343-7615

Computer Systems Administrator III: Sergey Motorny
Office: 522 Wilson Hall
Phone: (615) 343-9912

In Vivo Imaging Neuroimaging Engineer: Patrick Henry
Office: 529 Wilson Hall
Phone: (615) 322-4584
Fax: (615) 343-5027

  • Staff Member – Kennedy Center

Shop Services Instrument Maker: Bruce Williams
Office: B27 Hobbs Building
Phone: (615) 322-0074


Vanderbilt Research Cores and Shared Resources -
VVRC Sponsored Scholarship Cores

  • Imaging Module
    VVRC Module Directors:  Vivien Casagrande

Senior Research Specialist: Sean Schaffer
Office: 742 Light Hall
Phone: (615) 343-3750
E-mail: sean.schaffer@Vanderbilt.Edu

Institute of Imaging Science
Sr. Imaging Research Specialist:  Allen T. Newton
Office: AA 1101 MCN
Phone: (615) 322-2019
E-mail: allen.t.newton@Vanderbilt.Edu

Radiology & Radiological Sciences
Instructor:  Adrienne N. Dula
Office:  AA-1101 MCN
Phone: (615) 343-0471
E-mail:  adrienne.dula@Vanderbilt.Edu

  • Proteomics Module
    VVRC Module Director:  Kevin Schey

MSRC – Mass Spectrometry Core
Research Asst. Professor: Wade Calcutt
Biochemestry Department
Office: 9126 MRB III
Phone: (615) 343-8601
Email:  wade.calcutt@Vanderbilt.Edu

MSRC – Protein Analysis Core
co-Associate Director: W. Hayes McDonald, Ph.D.
Mass Spectrometry Research Center
Office: 9160 MRB III
Phone: 615-343-0512
Fax: 615-343-8372

MSRC – Mass Spectrometry Core
Sr. Research Specialist: Salisha Hill, M.S
Mass Spectrometry Research Center
Office: 9160 MRB III
Phone: 615-343-2739
Fax: 615-343-8372

MSRC – Tissue Imaging Core
Michelle L. Reyzer, PhD
Biochemistry Dept
Office: 9152 MRB III
Phone: (615) 343-8371
Email: m.reyzer@Vanderbilt.Edu

    VVRC Module Director: Tonia Rex

Core Facility Manager:  Lana Olson
Office: 491 PRB
Phone:(615) 936-3815
Email: lana.m.olson@Vanderbilt.Edu

  • VANTAGE  – GSR Module
    VVRC Module Director: Tonia Rex

Technical Manager, Bio-Banking, Genotyping, Sanger Sequencing:  Cara Sutcliffe
Office: T0102 MCN
Phone: (615) 936-2744

Core Research Assistant II:  Jamaya Simmons
Office: S0101 MCN
Phone: (615) 936-3003
Email:  jamaya.y.simmons@Vanderbilt.Edu

Core Research Assistant II:  Chelsea O’Hara
Office: S0101 MCN
Phone: (615) 936-3003
Email: chelsea.r.ohara@Vanderbilt.Edu

Core Research Assistant II:  Melissa Parker
Office: S0102 MCN
Phone: (615) 936-3003
Email: melissa.parker@Vanderbilt.Edu







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