Vanderbilt Vision Research Center

Administrative Services

The VVRC Administration Module provides financial and administrative support for all Cores as well as individual research projects. Particular services include:

– Disseminating information about Core services and personnel.

– Maintaining up-to-date module usage records and budgets including VUMC Scholarship allocations.

– Maintaining calendar of seminar series and communicating seminars of interest to VVRC community.

– Planning travel arrangements for visiting scientists and prospective trainees.

– Maintaining IRB and IACUC records.

– Organizing VVRC Module Directors meetings.

– Maintaining up-to-date mail lists of administrators, faculty, staff and trainees.

– Serving as liaison to other units within Vanderbilt, to vision research centers at other institutions and to the National Eye Institute.

Equipment and Facilities:
Projector, Minolta CA-100 Color Analyzer and Luminance Meter (located in WH)

Module Director: Dr. David J. Calkins, Ph.D.
Office: 11425 Langford – MRB IV
Phone: (615) 936-6412

Administrative Assistant: Jill Brott
Office: 11425 Langford – MRB IV
Phone: (615) 343-7620