Language and Double Standards (cont…again)

I don’t really understand where the idea that girls that have a bunch of sex are “Hoes” or “Sluts” came from, but I think that shit is stupid. What I think is even more stupid is the way in which girls react when men use one of these words to describe them. These insults hurt women to their core and that’s why we use them. I view slurs and insults like “Hoe”, “Slut” and “Bitch” as a form of mind control. With that being said, I feel that it is women themselves that give these words power. I know for a fact that if someone didn’t really agree with me having a bunch of different sex partners and decided to call me a “Slut” I would not affect me at all. I’d laugh at them and ask them if they were jealous. That’s because those words don’t mean anything to me or any other dude I know. When you call a women a “Slut” for “Getting around” so to speak, she will in all likelihood become visibly upset. This is how women give these words power. I feel that women should change the way they react to insults and slurs such as these. Instead of becoming upset, more women should say “If having sex with anyone I want to makes me a slut, then I’m the dirtiest slut alive”. If women as a collective began to react this way to sexist insults and slurs, they could strip these words of their meaning and slowly begin to eliminate these double standards.
I also feel that the way in which women speak about other girls that have a lot of sex gives way to double standards from a sexual standpoint. Too many times I’ve heard a group of girls absolutely dragging one of their friends name through the mud because she may have made out with three boys in one night. Who gives a shit? I always want to tell them how stupid they are and that the only reason they even know that their friend made out with three dudes is because they were being boring ass squares, watching her have fun as they miserably sipped on their beer in a dark corner in the same room, by themselves…but that’s not my place. It just seems women force each other to surpress their sexual urges and it’s kind of sad. If I had to sum up a solution for these double standards, I would be a simple as women just sticking together as a whole. I know there are some women out there who don’t like to sleep around, but they should not slander the ones that do like to. If you’re a pure, goody 2 shoes and you like being that way, and you want to stay that way, do it. But talking shit about women with voracious sexual appetites should be the farthest thing away from your mind. Stick together ladies and watch your language…

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