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Select Coverage of College Affordability Diagnosis Report

The Washington Post Maryland colleges rank among the most affordable in the country, but that’s changing April 27, 2016

The Christian Science Monitor As college prices soar, poorest students fall further behind April 29, 2016

Chicago Tribune Hillary Clinton’s new tuition plan costs more, offers less July 11, 2016

New York Times Sallie Mae Now Offers Education Loans to Parents, Too April 29, 2016

PBS NewsHour, Affordable options for college students are disappearing fast May 11, 2016

WHYY Radio Times A conversation on college readiness and affordability May 4, 2016

Other Media Coverage

Chronicle of Higher Education

A Key Question for Clinton’s College-Affordability Plan: Will States Buy In? — August 11,2015

Report Suggests Replacing Pell Grants With a Federal-State Matching Grant — January 24, 2013

Men’s Share of College Enrollments Will Continue to Dwindle, Federal Report Says — May 27, 2010

State Spending on College Construction Does Not Track Economy, Study Finds — November 17, 2010

State Spending on Higher Education Hasn’t Always Been So Volatile, Study Finds — April 15, 2009

As Democrats Take Over More States, College Leaders Grow Optimistic — January 5, 2007 *

The Fate of Community College Transfers — June 9, 2006 *

Inside Higher Ed

Fading Affordability — April 28, 2016

Admission to the Profession — June 12, 2012

Waiting for Recovery — May 4, 2010

Location, Location, Location — June 10, 2009


Tennessee ranks 34th in college affordability— April 27, 2016

Expert: Haslam’s college plan might not change much–December 6, 2015

Fisk University to freeze tuition for incoming freshmen–April 16, 2015


Student Financial Aid Programs— CSPAN, April 8, 2016

Bright Flight scholarship loses some of its shimmer in Missouri–St. Louis Dispatch, Feb 4, 2016


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