Young Lab



Pampee P. Young is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She attended Rice University where she received adegree in Biochemistry. She obtained her M.D/Ph.D. degrees at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. Her doctoral work was on the regulation of surfactant protein expression in type II pneumocytes during fetal development. Pampee pursued a residency in Clinical Pathology at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. There she began her studies in stem cell biology during a post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Mark Sands, Ph.D. She stayed at Wash. U. to complete a clinical fellowship in Transfusion Medicine. During her fellowship training, she identified that the fetus uses bone marrow derived endothelial progenitor cells during fetal organ development and also recognized the importance of VEGF in this process.

Dr. Young joined the faculty of Vanderbilt in 2003 and initiated her independent research program to study repair and regeneration of tissues and organs using the cardiovascular system as a model.  These studies include studies on stem cells as cellular therapy as well as endogenous drivers of repair and fibrosis. More recently, she has expanded her studies to understanding how to accelerate repair of complex soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Young also serves as the Medical Director of Transfusion Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  She is actively engaged in patient care and patient/translational research in the field of Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies.

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