David Roberts’ Blogging Is (kind of) Like Global Warming

“A Series of Blog Critiques: the Good, the Bad, and the Bloggy”

Roberts’ blog is like global climate change – slow and without known cause. Sure, it’s vital to be aware of the current state of environmental issues. It would make sense that Roberts’ true passion would be to spread a sense of urgency about the need to take care of our planet to the Internet-using population. However, Roberts takes a slow, formal, bogged down approach to writing, masking any passion that he may once have had.
Dear David Roberts,
Anyone with four dollars and a mild interest in blogging can purchase The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. I suggest that you do just that. And please please read the bold sentences on pages 84 and 91: “Rule #7: Write Short” (you, sir, write very much not short) and “Rule #3: Write Like You Speak” (I sincerely hope for all those around you that you do not actually speak like you write). That is all.

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