Who actually comments on Lil’ Wayne’s Facebook Posts?

I hate all of my Facebook friends. I really do. And I’m Facebook friends with my mom. But I love people who comment on celebrity facebook fan pages. When someone like Lil Wayne who has over 40 million fans posts on their page, it gets thousands and thousands and thousands of comments and likes almost instantly. They could post a picture of the inside of their asshole and a million people will like it.

I looked at this recent post from Lil Wayne-


Just a normal picture. No reason to post it other than to laugh at how stupid people are. Here are some of my favorite comments…


What is this guy asking? It could be “Are you real, Lil Wayne?” Are you a figment of my imagination or are you an actual human being? Is any of this real? What is real? Is it possible that we are living in an alternative universe than this one and we are just projections of someone’s dream living in a different universe at a different time and nothing not even our deepest hopes and dreams and fears are real? Is this guy looking to Lil Wayne for the meaning of life?

The second interpretation, and the more likely one, is “Are you really Lil Wayne.” But this one is even more ridiculous than the first. Does he expect a response? “Hey Will! Just read your comment and yes it is really me :) I got go now though.I have 8,398 more comments to respond to. Talk to you soon!” This guy actually took the time to click comment and type in his misspelled, ridiculous question. He will never get that time back. Never.


Google it fucking moron.


Lern english.


Nothing’s funnier than outdated racist slurs.

Here was my favorite.


See that one like on her comment? That’s me. Out of all the comments this may actually be the most practical. She is letting Lil Wayne know he can cum on her fo show and if Lil Wayne somehow saw it and was interested there’s a small, but real possibility he would maybe just maybe shoot back a response. Also, look at what time she wrote the comment. She woke up, stretched her legs, made sure she wasn’t  stupid enough to forget how to breathe then wrote on Lil Wayne’s wall. She probably fucked up at least two Whoppers  at work while sneaking peeks at her pink Motorola Razor to see if Wayne hollered back. I loved this girl so much I decided to click on her profile.


Yes Marcus Johnson, I can tell too. Our friend Tonya here is twisted as f.  Highlights of her profile include muploads of smoking weed at work, titty tatoos, and the most creative ridiculous not even close spellings of words that I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to ruin it for you, it’s a gold mine. Go discover it for yourself.

This is how I spend most of my time on Facebook now. Reading comments on Applebee’s fan page or event pages for Flag Day is the best way to realize what most people on Facebook are really like. Real red-blooded Americans. No albums from trips to Europe or instagrammed five course meals. Just pure, unadulterated good ol’ stupidity.

Send over any noteworthy comments you find on the Book- whywesuckblog@gmail.com

And finally…



I’m pretty sure you’re wearing a cap in gown in that profile picture.

You’re. You’re. You’re. You’re. You’re.



Bonus Lil’ Wayne video:

This comes from Wayne’s cross examination from Quincy Jones’ III lawyers. Lil’ is suing Jones for using Wayne’s own music in a documentary Jones made following the rapper around as he recorded his album “Tha Carter III.” Yes, he is paying lawyers and using taxpayer money to spend hours and hours in court because he didn’t want his own music in his own documentary. Suing the producer of your documentary because you didn’t like it is like suing you mirror because you don’t like your face.

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