Top 5 Music City Must-Hit Venues

If you haven’t caught on just yet… I am constantly enthralled in lists. They consume me. It’s abnormal. I’m aware. Let’s move past this.

To my pleasant surprise, however, I am not alone…

Bucketlist blogging has gone viral and I cannot think of a better place for a girl like me to find some inspiration. This month marks something monumental in my life: Turning 21. I will finally be legal which brings upon a whole new list of activities, venues, and places I want to explore around this city. Admittedly I have not been anxiously waiting to go to some swanky nightclub or raging bar… what I’m stoked for most is venturing into some of this city’s most intimate live music venues that have been off-limits for two years too long. Inspired by, I plan to create my own little array of music bucketlists. 365Nashville’s blog features 2 full lists of 365 Things to Do –that’s 730 fun adventures to have, hot spots to try, food to inhale, & memories to be made (cheesy, I know…but true). 730?! It’s absolutely insane. In fact, the writers decided to cool off for a bit and recently began the “365 Days of Music in Music City,” offering daily posts on everything from music facts to local events… What better way to find some bucketlistspiration than through being given a new musical idea every single day.

So here goes it. These are my Top 5 Music City Must-Hit Venues.


Yes… there’s just 5 for now.

And yes I plan to complete them all whilst celebrating my first week as a legal adult.

5. First stop, 3rd Avenue South: 3rd & Lindsley

With the likings of Train, Ingrid Michaelson, Amos Lee, Patty Griffin, and Joss Stone (just to name a few) gracing the stage at this place, 3rd & Lindsley is an obvious must. Their website has a list of past performers that actually blew me away. When they brag that they have both up and coming artists along with legends owning their stage, this is no joke. This grill and bar provides their guests with live music every single night. So really, there’s no excuse not to drop in.

4. Short detour to East Nashville’s The 5 Spot Live

This gray building could be easily passed by on the artsy streets of East Nashville. However, this stop can be proud to say they are in fact home to “the most stylish party in America.” Just some kind words from a no big deal feature on GQ’s Top 100. Their weekly Monday night “Keep on Movin’ Dance Party” is what they’re famous for but their “$2 Tuesdays featuring Nashville’s Finest” is where I will be found in a few short weeks. With appearances by Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, and other stars, I think this little joint has more to offer than GQ lets off.

3. Next up? Just a hop and a skip from Hillsboro: The Basement

From what I gather, this dive bar is everything you would hope to find in a Nashville live music venue. Loved for it’s intimate atmosphere, I’ve heard it’s a place that will make you feel like something utterly awesome is going to be shared with you. The kind of place where in 10 years you may turn on your TV and see that little nobody you saw at The Basement performing live on Good Morning America. I’ll be there. New Faces Nite. Every Tuesday night. Free of charge. Who knows, I’ll maybe even be lucky enough to witness the start of someone’s career.

2. Off to spend a little bit of time at home: Douglas Corner Café

Known to be many of Nashville’s famous songwriters’ “Home Away from Home,” Douglas Corner Café offers a little close-knit family lovin’ right on 8th Avenue South.  Though it may appear to be the average bar, this small venue has been named one of Music City’s “Legendary Venues.” Bon Jovi and Jewel are among those who return unannounced to casually play a few impromptu songs and hang out. This café is more than a little hole-in-the-wall. It’s a production company with video and recording studio, producing “No Hit Wonder: Songwriter’s Tour” CDs among others right at this location. They even have what they call “The Ugly Truckling”…a mobile recording studio. Too cool. Tuesday open mic nights draw in the crowds but the low-key charm of this venue is what keeps people coming back for more.

1. Finally! Speeding straight to the honky tonks that make Nashville the one and only Music City. Drop me off at Broadway & The Stage

For me, this is the ultimate. When I think of Music City I envision the bright lights of Broadway, with The Stage on the left pointing the way downtown. The Stage is a place I have been dying to go to since moving to Nashville. And I can assure you it will become my place. Once legal, I will frequent the stage. I will rub shoulders with up and comings. I will spot celebrities. I will be a regular. The bartender will know me by name. This is the plan. There are not enough moments in music that define this place that would justify how great it truly is. It is the Holy Grail of Broadway. Have I been there? No. Is that a strong claim? Definitely. But between the movies filmed there and celebrity appeal The Stage may have to become my one guilty pleasure that I’m just too giddy about to not share with the world.

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