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Write High and Edit Sober

Hey there literature lovers,
Guess what? Last week Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use. I bet you knew that already.
Whether you agree with the new laws or not, the precedent of substance-inspired prose was set a long, long ti… Continue reading

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Short Story: Election Day

Bare with me here. I’m experimenting with new ways to make fiction relevant and timely (which in many ways isn’t the purpose of fiction), so I submit to you this story, which revolves around Tuesday’s election. Got any comments or critiques? Let me know. Election Day It was election day. Election day! All that morning the […] Continue reading

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On Writing Bad Fiction

I just wrote a  bad story. A 26-page disaster of a story, to be specific. Now that I’ve come to the end of it, now that it’s all been punched out—I’ve come to realize that the whole thing is one … Continue reading Continue reading

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