Research Focus

     My priorities focus primarily on the formulation of opinions, stereotypes, and prejudices of those perceived as "other" or "different", as well as how said "others" construct their own identity or story. 
This categorizaiton of "other" can be approached from a variety of qualifications: those from another country, culture, and society, as well as those who may be categorized as "other" due to more personal aspects 
perceived as deviant from mainstream or acceptable behaviors; "other" sexualities, "other" gender performances, or "other" constructions of society (such as utopian or dystopian societies). 

     This interest regarding marginalized or outsider groups and individuals, as well as studying perceptions of other cultures and societies extends to certain genres of literature or writings. My focus has been drawn to 
nascent anthropological writings insofar as how negative perceptions of outside cultures and societies are constructed and accepted as true. This interest was born out of research into the human zoos hosted at various 
"Exposition Universelles", or world expositions. Alongside phrenological and early anthropological writings, I study travel writings to analyze how foreign cultures and societies are portrayed- often negatively- 
and how such portrayals have been absorbed into larger cultural perceptions of other parts of the world. 

     I also focus on exploring ways to introduce travel writings and epistolary novels set outside of France to students of French Literature to encourage them to think critically about the formulation of
 stereotypes and categorizaitons of people inhabiting other countries. 

Vanderbilt University Coursework

SLS 6030 – Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

FREN 7010 – Intro to Research

FREN 7050 – Applied French Linguistics

FREN 7060 – French Literary Theory

FREN 8040 – Seminar: 18th Century French Literature

FREN 8060 – Seminar: 20th Century French Literature

FREN 8070 – Seminar in Francophone Literature

FREN 8075 – Seminar in Francophone Caribbean Literature

FREN 8090 – French Jewish Intellectualism