Research Focus

My research examines the utopia in early-modern French prose, specifically the intersection of gendered ideals and geography. I focus on how the utopia advances certain ideals in the realm of gender and sexuality (e.g., the ideal relationship, the ideal embodiment of masculinity, etc.). These ideals are as challenging to fulfill as these elusive utopias are themselves difficult lands to reach.

I examine prominent works of seventeenth and eighteenth-century prose featuring imaginary voyages to utopias. These journeys possess both a physical component (to a place) and an allegorical component (to an ideal). Just as the voyage to the utopia features a long, arduous adventure littered with obstacles, the attainment of a gendered or sexual ideal entails a similarly dynamic process. The gendered ideals articulated in these works alternately upheld, complicated, and subverted societal expectations of the period governing both gender and sexuality.

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PhD Dissertation Research