Lauren receives NSF CAREER award

Lauren has received an NSF CAREER award through the Chemical Structure, Dynamics, and Mechanisms A (CSDM-A) program in the Division of Chemistry. This award, titled “CAREER: Understanding Nanoparticle-Induced Changes to Protein Structure,” will provide 5 years of support as the group addresses a critical gap in our understanding of protein-nanoparticle interactions: the detailed surface-induced changes to…

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Congratulations, Dr. Kelsey Webb!

Graduate student Kelsey Webb successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled “Examining Peptide and Protein Structure and Dynamics with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy.” She will be starting a position as an analytical chemist at BAE Systems.

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The group welcomes undergraduates Aiden, John, and Ian!

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The group welcomes summer REU students, Nana and Monica!

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Congratulations to our first graduates from the lab, Daniel and Kathryn!

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Congratulations to Amanda for receiving a Vanderbilt Chemical Biology Interface (V-CBI) training grant!

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The group welcomes Karla-Anne!

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Congratulations to Kathryn for winning the Thomas W. Martin Award in physical chemistry! After graduation, she will be attending The University of Chicago for graduate school in physical chemistry.

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Kathryn defends her honors thesis project and receives highest honors. Congrats!

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Kelsey and Kathryn present their research at the national spring ACS meeting in Orlando, Florida!

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