Headshot Side WebChristoph Zeller is Professor of German Studies and European Studies and an award-winning scholar and teacher. He serves as Faculty Head of West House at the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, a living-learning community that fosters the exchange of ideas about education, society, and the environment. Zeller’s research focuses on literature, media, and culture, centering around philosophical concepts and their impact on individuals and groups, including fiction and nonfiction, art and architecture, politics and people. His books include Werte: Geschichte eines Versprechens (Values: History of a Promise, Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler 2019), Heinrich von Kleist – Style and Concept: Explorations in Literary Dissonance (Berlin and Boston: de Gruter 2013, co-edited with Dieter Sevin), Literarische Experimente: Medien, Kunst, Texte seit 1950 (Literary Experiments: Media, Art, Texts since 1950, Heidelberg: Winter 2012, editor), Ästhetik des Authentischen: Literatur und Kunst um 1970 (Aesthetics of Authenticity: Literature and Art around 1970, Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2010), Transmedialität: Zur Ästhetik paraliterarischer Verfahren (Transmediality: On the Aesthetics of Para-Literature, Göttingen: Wallstein, 2006), and Allegorien des Erzählens: Wilhelm Raabes Jean-Paul-Lektüre (Allegories of Narration: Wilhelm Raabe Reads Jean Paul, Stuttgart and Weimar:J.B. Metzler 1999).