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Who We Are

The College Scholars Honors Program was established in 1986 to offer particularly promising undergraduates in the College of Arts & Science opportunities for intellectual community and close contact with faculty through seminars and research. The program is designed to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and communication. This is achieved by promoting two educational aims: breadth by taking honors seminars in several different categories to satisfy AXLE requirements, and depth by doing independent research. Students who are accepted as College Scholars, and who complete the program by earning 15 honors points, graduate with the distinction of “Honors in the College of Arts & Science” on their diploma. This is separate from Latin and departmental honors programs, which can be earned regardless of status in the College Scholars Honors Program.

Applications for fall 2023 are now closed. Information about the Application Process will remain up for visibility, but links to the application have been removed. Applications for fall 2024 will go up in October 2024.

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