Student Supervision

Graduate Student Supervision:

  • Carlin J. Sappenfield, Master of Science, 1988
  • James T. Snodgrass, Ph.D., 1989
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Completely Normal Lattices”
  • Scott Burleson, Master of Science, 1990
  • James B. Hart, Ph.D., 1991
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Decompositions for Relatively Normal Lattices”
  • Deborah Cotten, Ph.D., 1996
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Stone-type Categorical Equivalences in Semantics of Programming Languages”
  • Lori Henslee Rafter, Ph.D., 1996
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Order Semantics of Linear Logic”
  • Hoseung Lee, Ph.D., 1997
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Recognizable Elements of Quantales: A result of Myhill Revisited”
  • Kevin Blount, Ph.D., 1999
    Ph.D. Thesis: “On the Structure of Residuated Lattices”
  • Jac Cole, Ph.D., 2002
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Residuated Lattice Orderings on Cancellative Monoids”
  • Nikolaos Galatos, Ph.D., 2003
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Varieties of Residuated Lattices”
  • Will Funk, Master of Science, 2004
  • Ciro Russo (University of Salerno, Italy), Ph.D., 2007 (Jointly with Antonio Di Nola)
    Ph.D. Thesis: “Quantale Modules, with Applications to Logic and Image Processing”
  • William Young, Ph.D., 2013
    Ph.D. Thesis: “An Investigation of Residuated Lattices with Modal Operators”

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