Exercises on Machine Learning

Part 1: Watch the 6 videos on YouTube from the online course “Data Mining with WEKA”

or better yet sign up for the course (and get access to much of the book too) and watch the same videos.

In either case, you should download the WEKA software and follow along with the videos. All this will require about 90 minutes.

Part 2:¬†(Backstory) Agriculture is an important aspect of sustainability. Imagine farmers in the developing world, where mobile phones are somewhat prevalent, taking a photo of a diseased soybean plant, and send it to an international agency for purposes of diagnosis and treatment options. At the core of the receiving agency’s analysis is a classifier that was constructed by a supervised machine learning system. The photo from the farmer is image processed and translated to a set of features of the type that is accepted by the classifier. The imaged plant is diagnosed through classification, and recommendations are sent back to the farmer.

Part 3: (the deliverable).

  • Run WEKA Explorer.
  • Upload the J48 with ¬†default options, except
    • the minNumObj set to 10
  • Upload the Weka Soybean dataset, but
    • only for instances that belong to one of the four most common classes, and
    • with the Date attribute removed
  • Upload to Blackboard a JPEG image of the tree (in nested list format) that is constructed from running J48 on the filtered Soybean dataset as described above.
  • Come to class prepared to discuss the trees you found with various other parameter settings and your theories about the results.