Exercises on Social Computing (Games)

Due before class on Wednesday: Prepare a single Word document that you will upload to Blackboard. Identify your answers  by the number scheme below (a, b, c, d).

a) Familiarize yourself with the Games4Sustainability site (http://www.games4sustainability.org). Read at least one blog post on page (X mod 8) + 1 (where X is your birthday as represented YYMMDD (this is just a fancy way to have each of you look at different pages). Record your observations on the post (1 short paragraph together with identity of post) in the Word document.

b) Read the full descriptions of all the Games on page (X mod 25) + 1 (where X is defined as above) of the Gampedia page (http://www.games4sustainability.org/gamepedia/). Record your observations on the game descriptions (1 short paragraph each together with identity of games).

c) Read the instructions for two online games at http://www.games4sustainability.org/games-platform/online-games/:

“About that Forest” (http://www.games4sustainability.org/gamepedia/about-that-forest/ and http://www.games4sustainability.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/About-that-forest-instructions-for-players.pdf) and

“Climate Game” (http://www.games4sustainability.org/gamepedia/climate-game/ and http://www.games4sustainability.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Climate-game_Instructions-for-Players.pdf)

Write a couple of sentences on which you would like to play, if only one allowed, and why.

d) Play the BBC Climate Challenge at http://ecogamer.org/environmental-games/bbc-climate-challenge-climate-change-game by going through the tutorial (round 1 1990-2000), and play at least one more round, and write one paragraph on how you would extend this solo game to a multiplayer, social game.

Upload the Word document to Blackboard before class on Wednesday.