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The Potential of Telepresence Technology for Improving Access to Advanced, High School Courses

Critical Issues in Online Credit Recovery Programs

What Organizations Need to Know About Investing in Ed-Tech for Development

What State and Local Agencies Need to Know about Classroom Technology

Research Brief: Reliable and Equitable Access

Research Brief: Instructor Capacity

Schools are Racing to Adopt Digital Tools without Solid Evidence that They Boost Student Achievement

Academic Publications

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Reports, Presentations and Other Research Products

Patterns in and Estimated Effects of StudentNest Online Tutoring in Milwaukee Public Schools (2016-2017)

Preliminary Findings on Edgenuity Use in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 School Years

Is Educational Technology Opening New Learning Opportunities for Young Kenyans and Improving their Academic Outcomes? An Evaluation of the Lwala Community Alliance E-reader Program in Kenya

May 16 2016-17 Presentation on DISD Kindle pilot findings 5.16.17

AERA April 2016 Presentation on Pilot Study Findings

DISD May 25, 2016 e-Reader Early Findings

MPS Digital Tools Research Briefing, August 2016

Comparison of Laptop and Tablet Ratings 2015-2016

Vignettes from highly rated e-Reader sessions, June 2016

Other Media Dissemination

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