Duvall Lab


The Advanced Therapeutics Laboratory applies “smart”, environmentally-responsive polymers to develop novel approaches for overcoming pharmacological barriers.  A variety of projects are currently underway to develop polymeric systems that respond to one or more stimuli such as pH, temperature, oxidative stress, and enzymatic activity.  Approaches currently under development are aimed at enhanced drug and nanoparticle targeting, intracellular biomacromolecular delivery, and systems for controlled release of growth factors and other extracellular-acting molecules.

Medical application areas include cancer, wound healing and tissue regeneration, and improvement of long-term patency in vascular bypass grafts.  For more specific project information please reference the ‘Research’ tab.

The Duvall lab is located in the new Biomaterials Laboratory Space in the Engineering and Science Building shared with Professor Todd Giorgio. This collaborative research environment contains the multidisciplinary expertise and equipment necessary to carry out cutting edge research that covers the full spectrum of synthesis, characterization, and biological testing of advanced therapeutic biomaterials.