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Conferences & Workshops

Petit, E., McGinley, M. (2020, February 15). Promoting Student Engagement with Digital Journals in Foreign Language Courses. Paper for presentation at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL), New-York City, NY

Petit, E., McGinley, M. (2019, November 8). Multimodal Texts in the Classroom – Learning by Design for Teaching and Assessment. Half-day workshop presented at the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association, Franklin, TN.

Petit, E. (2019, July 16). Encourager l’interculturalité et la prise de position par l’intégration de projets numériques en classe de langue. Paper for presentation at the AATF Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

D’Eugenio, D., Petit, E. (2018, November 18). Promoting Videos as a Tool to Assess, and Perform in Italian Language Course. Paper for presentation at the ACTFL Annual Convention & World Languages Expo, New-Orleans, Louisiana.

Petit, E. (June 2018). Promouvoir les littéracies visuelles et médiatiques à travers l’analyse et la production de textes multimodaux dans les cours de langues. Paper for presentation at the Réseaux Sociaux Traces Numériques Communication Electronique International Colloquium, Le Havre, France.

Michelson, K. & Petit, E. (2017, October 29). Assessing Transformed practice in literacy-based foreign language classrooms: the Critical role of reflection. Paper for presentation at CUALHE, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Petit, E. & Dupuy, B. (2017, May 18). Digital Social Reading: Affordances of digital social annotation tools for literacy development in the L2 French intermediate classroom. Paper for presentation at the CALICO Conference, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Petit, E. & Michelson, K. (2017, March 3). Engaging L2 learners in authentic discourse communities through a Global Simulation pedagogy. Paper for presentation at the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Michelson, K., & Petit, E. (2017). Becoming Social Actors: Designing a Global Simulation for Situated Language and Culture Learning. AAUSC 2017 Volume-Issues in Engaging the World: Social Pedagogies and Language Learning,

Durand, A-P., Petit, E. (2014). The Teaching of French and Digital Humanities. In the Communication Electronique, Cultures and Identités, Actes du Colloque International, Le Havre. Klog. 225 -232

Dupuy, B., Michelson, K., & Petit, E. (2013). Fostering multiliteracies through a global simulation approach in intermediate French: A curricular project. In The Language Resource, a monthly publication of the National Capital Resource Center, 17(1).

Book Reviews

Petit, E. (2012). [Review of the book La littérature symboliste et la langue, Olivier Bivort, 2012] Available from Linguist List :

Manuscript in Progress

Petit, E.  Revisiting Barthes’ approach of Myths to today’s Popular Culture for Promoting Media Studies and Intercultural Competence in Foreign Language Classrooms.

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