Welcome to the homepage of the Sanchez Research Group at Vanderbilt University.

Our group engages in research inĀ (i) durability, resilience, and development of sustainable infrastructure materials; (ii) additive manufacturing and 3D printing of multiscale, hierarchical infrastructure materials; and (iii) environmental and nuclear materials performance.

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Hong Kong Research Project: Rebuilding Concrete



Materials Durability and Environmental Research Facilities Hub NSF Workshop 3D Printing Prof. Sanchez delivers an invited talk at the NSF workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Civil Infrastructure Design and Construction (July 13-14, 2017)
JACerSPaper Cements in the 21st century: Challenges, perspectives, and opportunities. JACerS 100 (7): 2746-2773, 2017

Vanderbilt, Purdue, Tennessee Tech

Collaborative Research: 3D printing of civil infrastructure materials with controlled microstructure architectures. (NSF)
IMG_5447 Summer 2017 high school student, Grayson Peters learned about 3D printing of cement.
Nanotechnology and the Concrete World: Small Science for a Big Future

Lesa Brown: Structural Mechanics & Materials Research