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Workshop on Geometry and Analysis of Fluid Flows,

with a special tribute to David Ebin on the occasion of his 80th birthday and retirement

January 16-20, 2023
Stony Brook University


The workshop will feature a mathematically diverse group of speakers whose expertise spans multiple relevant areas. Topics to be discussed at the workshop include free boundary problems in fluid dynamics, the geometry of infinite-dimensional groups, singular limits in fluid flows, well-posedness and regularity of fluid equations, and differential geometric methods in mathematics and physics. The workshop will happen in conjunction with a celebration of David Ebin’s contributions to these topics on the occasion of his 80th birthday and retirement.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register and see the guidelines for financial support.


Barbara Keyfitz (Ohio State University)
Boris Khesin (University of Toronto)
Cornelia Vizman (West University of Timisoara)
Darryl Holm (Imperial College London)
Dennis Sullivan (Stony Brook University and CUNY Graduate Center)
Huy Nguyen (University of Maryland, College Park)
Jeff Cheeger (Courant Institute, New York University)
Leandro Lichtenfelz (Wake Forest University)
Magdalena Czubak (University of Colorado Boulder)
Mihaela Ignatova (Temple University)
Peter Constantin (Princeton University)
Steve Shkoller (University of California Davis)
Susan Friedlander (University of Southern California)
Tarek Elgindi (Duke University)
Tudor Ratiu (University of California Santa Cruz)
Vladimir Sverak (University of Minnesota)
Yann Brenier (Ecole Polytechnique)

Workshop flyer.

Organizing Committee:
Gerard Misiolek (University of Notre Dame)
Marcelo Disconzi (Vanderbilt University)
Stephen Preston (Brooklyn College & CUNY Graduate Center)
Theodore Drivas (Stony Brook University)

Supported by the National Science Foundation, Stony Brook University Department of Mathematics and Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, and Vanderbilt University.



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