Vanderbilt University (Instructor):

  • Earth Materials
  • Geology of National Parks
  • Senior Seminar
  • Microscopic Imaging in Earth Sciences
  • Field Investigations (Maymester)
  • Equilibria and Transformations in Earth Materials (Graduate-level)
  • Structure, Composition & Properties of Earth Materials (Graduate-level)
  • Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams in Petrology (Graduate-level)
  • Phase Transformations in Earth Materials (Graduate-level)

The University of Chicago (TA):

  • Introduction to Mineralogy
  • Introduction to Petrology
  • Origin and Evolution of the Solar System
  • Field Geology
  • Introduction to Structural Geology
  • Global Tectonics
  • Physical Geology

Universidade de São Paulo (TA):

  • Mineralogia (1996)