How do I use the slideshow?

If you are using the Vanderbilt Blog or Vanderbilt Brand themes, you first need to go to the APPEARANCES menu on the left, and choose Vanderbilt Brand. You can turn the slideshow ON there. Then to add a post or page to the slideshow — tag the page “featured” in the Post Tags section on…

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How to add pdf, docs, xls files and link to them


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WordPress Toolbar 101

Excellent description of all of the buttons on the toolbar for the page and post editing screen. Visit tutorial  

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Where do I change the theme options?

Login to your website. On the left column – there is an APPEARANCE group.  If it is not already expanded – click on the little arrow to expand those menu options. Click on Vanderbilt Brand to view the control panel for the VU theme.  You can change the type of navigation used, password protect your…

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Video: Create a simple image gallery


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I just want to create a personal website that has nothing to do with Vanderbilt.

There are many free website platforms available for you to use for personal projects. A few recommendations are: Google Sites

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Can I have SFTP access?

No. The platform is a dynamic environment – which means there aren’t any physical folders that you can SFTP into. Everything is dynamically built from a database. The folder that your site lives in doesn’t exist as a physical folder on the server. It’s dynamically created. The only files that physically exist on the…

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Can I redirect a website to another location?

No. If you create a website – the content must be on the servers.

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Can I have more than one website?

Yes. Login to your first website. Click on the MY SITES link in the left side. Click on the Create a new site link. Fill in the details for your second website: choose the folder name and title. Click the “Create the Site” button. Start building out your second website!

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Can I allow other people to edit my website?

Yes. You can add additional users (as long as they have a VUnetID). Login to your site – and click on the USERS menu on the left. Choose ADD USER. Type in the person’s VUnetID and select the role you would like them to have: Administrators have the same access to your site as you…

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