A central goal of our research at Vanderbilt is to understand how changes at the single cell level alter signaling in healthy cells and lead to therapy resistant populations in human diseases.  In the Irish Lab, we use new tools and computational approaches to do basic and translational research in human cancer and immunology.

In addition to making discoveries at the frontier of human genetics and immunology, we aspire to use knowledge of cell signaling to create therapeutic technologies and to guide clinical decisions.  In the long term, great potential exists to detect disease earlier and to tailor a patient’s therapy to the biological alterations detected in the cells of their disease.  By better understanding biological systems which control development and cell-cell interactions in healthy and diseased contexts, we can learn to program cells to become therapeutic agents or target malignant signaling events to specifically kill cancer cells.

Jonathan IrishThe Irish Lab

Cancer & Immunology Core (CIC)

Fee-for-service mass cytometry (CyTOF) and related services:

Mass Cytometry Center of Excellence (MCCE)

DIY mass cytometry (CyTOF):

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Recent peer-reviewed research:
– High-Dimensional Analysis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Reveals Phenotypic Changes in Persistent Cells during Induction Therapy. Ferrell PB Jr, Diggins KE, Polikowsky HG, Mohan SR, Seegmiller AC, Irish JM. PLoS One 2016

– Myelodysplastic Syndrome Revealed by Systems Immunology in a Melanoma Patient Undergoing Anti-PD-1 Therapy. Greenplate AR, Johnson DB, Roussel M, Savona MR, Sosman JA, Puzanov I, Ferrell PB, Irish JM. Cancer Immunology Research 2016

– Methods for discovery and characterization of cell subsets in high dimensional mass cytometry data. Diggins KE, Ferrell PB, Irish JM, Methods 2015

– Cutting Edge: Redox Signaling Hypersensitivity Distinguishes Human Germinal Center B cells. Polikowsky HG, Wogsland CE, Diggins KE, Huse K, Irish JM, Journal of Immunology 2015

Recent reviews & perspectives:
– Systems immune monitoring in cancer therapy. Greenplate AR, Johnson DB, Ferrell PB Jr., Irish JM, European Journal of Cancer 2016

– Dissecting Complex Cellular Systems with High Dimensional Single Cell Mass Cytometry. Roussel M, Greenplate AR, Irish JM, The Human Innate Immunity Handbook 2016

– Characterizing phenotypes and signaling networks of single human cells by mass cytometry. Leelatian N, Diggins KE, Irish JM, Methods in Molecular Biology 2015

– Beyond the age of cellular discovery. Irish JM, Nature Immunology 2014

– High-dimensional single-cell cancer biology. Irish JM and Doxie DB, Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 2014

Recent collaborative papers:
– With Justin Balko & Doug Johnson‘s groups:
Melanoma-specific MHC-II expression represents a tumour-autonomous phenotype and predicts response to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 therapy. Johnson DB, Estrada MV, Salgado R, Sanchez V, Doxie DB, Opalenik SR, Vilgelm AE, Feld E, Johnson AS, Greenplate AR, Sanders ME, Lovly CM, Frederick DT, Kelley MC, Richmond A, Irish JM, Shyr Y, Sullivan RJ, Puzanov I, Sosman JA, Balko JM. Nature Communications 2016

– With Gary Sulikowski, Brian Bachmann, and Rebecca Ihrie‘s groups:
The use of fluorescently-tagged apoptolidins in cellular uptake and response studiesChong KM, Leelatian N, Deguire SM, Brockman AA, Earl D, Ihrie RA, Irish JM, Bachman BO, Sulikowski GA. Journal of Antibiotics Research 2016

– With Melissa Skala‘s group:
In Vivo Autofluorescence Imaging of Tumor Heterogeneity in Response to TreatmentShah AT, Diggins KE, Walsh AJ, Irish JM, Skala MC. Neoplasia 2015

– With Spyros Kalams‘s group:
Multiparameter analysis of stimulated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells: A comparison of mass and fluorescence cytometry. Nicholas KJ, Greenplate AR, Flaherty DK, Matlock BK, Juan JS, Smith RM, Irish JM, Kalams SA, Cytometry 2015

– With Ken Lau‘s group:
Cytometry-based single-cell analysis of intact epithelial signaling reveals MAPK activation divergent from TNF-α-induced apoptosis in vivo. Simmons AJ, Banerjee A, McKinley ET, Scurrah CR, Herring CA, Gewin LS, Masuzaki R, Karp SJ, Franklin JL, Gerdes MJ, Irish JM, Coffey RJ, Lau KS. Molecular Systems Biology 2015

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