John Geer

Geer works at Vanderbilt University, currently serving as the Chair of the Department of Political Science and Co-Director of the Vanderbilt Poll.

Geer’s research interests are American politics, with a focus on elections, public opinion, and political communication. Geer’s most recent book is In Defense of Negativity (University of Chicago Press). He is currently working on understanding the news media’s coverage of negativity and a project that examines the bias Mormon candidates face in American elections with Brett Benson of Vanderbilt and Jennifer Merolla of CGU. Geer is also working on a project with Lynn Vavreck of UCLA that seeks to integrate negativity more explicitly into our understanding of party competition.

Geer teaches courses on American politics, elections, the presidency, and most recently “genetics and politics” with David Bader, a Professor of Cell Biology at Vanderbilt.

This website includes his CV, copies of recent course descriptions, some publicly available data he has collected, a few conference papers, and links to sites of personal interest to Geer. Feel free to browse any of the material.

There are also some pictures of his children (James and Megan), his dog (Bupkis), sunsets, and his summer home in Vermont at Joe’s Pond.