The Telescope

The KELT-South telescope sits in a custom-built enclosure that holds the telescope, the control computer, and all the support equipment. The photo below shows the telescope pointed at the sky in the daytime with the roof rolled off.

Here is a closer look.

In this picture you can see the three main parts of the telescope.  We use a commercial Mamiya 645 80mm f/1.9 medium format lens with a 42mm aperture, which gives use a 26 degree by 26 degree field of view on the sky.  The camera, which is the blue metal box and the black box behind it with the cooling fans is an Apogee Alta U16M thermoelectrically cooled CCD camera, with 4096 by 4096 pixels, yielding about 23 arcseconds per pixel.  The camera and lens are mounted on a Paramount ME robotic mount.