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Machine Automation, Perception and Learning (MAPLE) Lab

Welcome to the MAPLE Lab! We aim to develop algorithms to model systems, environments, and our interactions with both. One major focus of our work is in providing guidance in robotic surgeries. We are part of Vanderbilt’s department of computer science and affiliated with the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering (VISE).


Some of our current projects include developing learning-based models of soft-tissue to estimate deformations, using eye-gaze trackers to measure cognitive loads during the use of surgical robots, and learning what makes a good camera view during surgery.

Prospective students:

Current Vanderbilt Undergraduate and Master students

The best way to get started is probably to join my lab meetings and find a project in which you are interested. Please send me your CV and I would be happy to discuss your interests.

PhD applicants

Please apply to Vanderbilt University’s computer science department. Mention in your application MAPLE lab and why you’re interested in joining.