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Center for International Price Research

The Center for International Price Research serves a number of complimentary roles. Primarily it serves as a central location for micro-price data spanning cities within and across countries and a research network for discussions of such data and their implications for model building and government policy. The data archives are available by clicking on the Micro-price Data link and navigating from there to the underlying data, associated maps of cities and research using the data (or closely related data). The CIPR also hosts and publicizes conferences on price determination, particularly when there is an emphasis on newly created data archives.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, the CIPR posts data that have been vetted by peer-reviewed academic journals where the scholarly work was originally published. As such we bear no responsibility for inaccuracies in these archives nor to the financial or other consequences arising from the use of these archives. In cases where the user has questions or concerns about the underlying data or structure, the original author should be contacted for clarification and Mario J. Crucini copied in the email correspondence.

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