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EDP 6120, Education Policy and School Reform. One of the core courses in our Masters in Education Policy program, this course covers current policy efforts around school reform and improvement. In short, the course content focuses on the question: what do we know about how policy impacts practice? By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the challenges encountered when using policy to change schools, as well as specific improvement efforts, such as comprehensive school reform, accountability policies, school turnaround, charter schools and management organizations, scale-up strategies, mayoral control, and portfolio districts.

ELP 9330, Teachers and Teaching.This course is part of our on-campus Ed.D program in K-12 leadership and is designed to provide grounding in what educational leaders should know about research on teaching and teacher learning, effective staffing and human capital strategies, and how to be effective instructional leaders.

HOD 2700, Public Policy. This course is an introduction to the practice of public policymaking and the theories that explain the policy process. The first half of the course defines the context for policymaking, lays out what policies are, how they are created, and how they are implemented and evaluated. We begin by reading the texts that lay the foundation for any public policy in the American context: the Constitution of the United States. We next turn to the definition of public policies and examine concepts and theories that seek to explain how policy is made. The second half of the course is focused on applying those theories to substantive policy issues, including education, health care, immigration, criminal justice, and social welfare policy.

I also teach in our Leadership and Learning in Organizations Ed.D. program, where I teach the Applied Inquiry convening and the Capstone Seminars, where I advise capstone projects.