About Me

Markus Eberl
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology

I am an anthropological archaeologist and epigrapher. My research focuses on the subjective experience of life in ancient societies with a particular emphasis on Maya communities. I have conducted archaeological fieldwork in Germany, Israel, Mexico, and Guatemala, and I currently direct archaeological projects at Tamarindito and Tzikin Tzakan, both ancient Maya sites in Guatemala’s tropical lowlands. I work with Maya glyphic inscriptions to approach Classic Maya culture from a holistic perspective. In the laboratory, I specialize in soil and ceramic analysis. Recently, I acquired a dynamic image particle analyzer for my microartifacts lab. I now use machine learning to identify human-made artifacts in my soil samples. My book publications include “Community and Difference: Change in Late Classic Maya Villages of the Petexbatun Region” (2014) and “War Owl Rising” (2017).

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