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2023 Shanks Workshop on Advances in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology

March 17 — 19, 2023

Vanderbilt University

About the Workshop
The focus of the workshop will be on modeling and analysis of ordinary and partial differential equation (ODE and PDE) models from different aspects of biological applications, such as infectious diseases, cancer and treatment, and population dynamics. The workshop will highlight significant recent developments in these areas and provide a forum for the participants to meet and communicate their recent work.

Glenn Webb

This workshop also celebrates the 80th birthday of Professor Glenn Webb. The workshop will honor his numerous contributions in the field of mathematical and theoretical biology and his continued commitment to the education of the younger generation of mathematicians.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register and see the guidelines for financial support.




Plenary Speakers

Organizing Committee

Workshop Flyer

Supported by the Shanks Endowment, Vanderbilt University, and the National Science Foundation.



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