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National Family Court Project on Housing & Financial Justice (NFP-HFJ)

The National Family Court Project on Housing & Financial Justice (NFPHFJ) highlights the critical intersection of law and financial well-being – often exacerbated during mediation and litigation – by leveraging real estate public and industry resources (mostly free) to foster informed financial decisions through enhanced due diligence and evidence in civil litigation and mediation.

Although originally developed for divorce, enhanced real property due diligence equally applies to Conservatorships, Guardianships, and Elder Law cases.

2013 CJE Live Event Programs:
2013 CLE Live Event Programs:

Supporting Tennessee Access to Justice – CLE Events

2011-2012 CJE & CLE Live Event Programs reached:
  • 540 judges in 8 states [GA; WI; MS; KS; TN; OK; OH; IN]
  • 1629+ lawyers & mediators in 9 states  [TN; CA; KS; OK; VA; GA; OH; IN; NM]


Our goal is to:

  • reduce information barriers,
  • increase access to justice,
  • prevent foreclosure, and
  • mitigate housing-related financial distress

in Divorce, Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Elder Cases – prompting non-legislative systemic change – through free Information Intervention in state court for judges, advocates (lawyers), surrogates (guardians and conservators), as well as divorcing and elder homeowners and their extended families.