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Setting Goals


Give students a framework to understand goal achievement and help them identify personal goals.


This lesson introduces students to basic principles of setting effective goals, has them set initial goals, and review those goals with a teacher to revise and improve the goals they set. The lesson connects with students through an examination of the goals of Jon Feliciano, who graduated from Western High School, played football for the University of Miami, and ultimately played in the NFL.


Two, 20-minute lessons over two consecutive days


Day 1

  1. Review the Goal Setting PowerPoint with the students.
  2. Watch the Jonathan Feliciano video. Discuss with the students the following:
    1. What was Feliciano’s goal?
    2. What action steps did he take to meet his goal?
    3. What obstacles did he face?
    4. How did he work to overcome these obstacles?
    5. Who was part of Feliciano’s support system? How did they offer support?

Day 2Tips-for-Goal-Setting

  1. Handout: Working toward my goal: Action Plan. Have students complete a rough draft of their goal.
    • Make sure that their goal is specific, measurable, attainable, time-bound, effective, & revisable.
  2. Meet with students individually to discuss and revise goals. Once goals are finalized, students copy their finalized goal into a new handout and answer the questions on how they plan to meet this goal.
  3. Explain to the students that they will revisit their goal each quarter and update their progress toward meeting the goal.
  4. Collect the completed FINAL DRAFT handout from each student. KEEP THIS HANDOUT in a safe place. You will be handing the document back to them once each quarter to revisit the goal.

Connections to other components

These goals can be referred to by PASL teachers during Rapid Check Ins. Progress towards these goals can become a form of data for the Intentional Use of Data.


Goal Setting–Power Point

Jonathan Feliciano video

Working Toward My Goal–ACTION PLAN (Rough draft and final draft)



Materials for this lesson were developed by educators at Western High School and the Education Development Center.


Download complete activity (PDF)