2007 Fieldschool in Guangxi, China

In the summer of 2007, the Vanderbilt Center for Community Studies spearheaded a fieldschool program centered on community research and action in Guangxi Autonomous Region of southern China. Both undergraduate and graduate students participated in the 2007 China Fieldschool, the first of its kind in East Asia comprised of Vanderbilt students and Chinese collaborators.

Research groups addressed needs in the rapidly growing, industrial city of Liuzhou in Guangxi.  In the semester immediately prior to travel, participants enrolled in a Human and Organizational Development course titled Community Health, Education and Change in China.  The course educated students in the social, cultural, economic and political aspects of the Guangxi Province, while preparing each group for summer work in Guangxi.

The Guangxi Autonomous region in southern China, which borders Vietnam, is an area steeped in history, beauty and a rich culture. However, it largely has missed out on the rapid economic growth along China’s increasingly affluent coast.

The 2007 China Fieldschool focused on socio-cultural, health promotion, economic, educational and urban/regional planning aspects of community development.

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