Current, Past, & Service-learning/ Consultations [including links to Community Survey and Observational Measures]

Current/Recent Research Projects:

2007-present The Global Development of Applied Community Studies Project (including growth of local democratic institutions & processes and 12 community-based disciplines in 100 countries: see papers in Publications)

2013-2019  Our Muslim Neighbor-Nashville Initiative (interfaith research & evaluation consultation with Hasina Mohyuddin, Lauren Pak & Porter Geer for Faith & Culture Center)

2003-2019 Collaborations with Italian community/developmental psychologists at the Università degli Studi di PadovaFacolta di Psicologi and LaboratorioLINK

Past Research Projects [including links to Community Survey and Observational Measures]:

2016-2019. Vanderbilt Initiative for Smart-City Operations Research (VISOR). VISOR websiteWorkshop on Data in Gentrification and Equitable Development

2014-2015. Equitable Development: Promising Practices to Maximize Affordablity and Minimize Displacement in Nashville’s Urban Core. Prepared for the Metropolitan Nashville Planning Department as part of the NashvilleNext 25-year strategic plan. (with Amie Thurber, Jyoti Gupta, & Jim Fraser)

2013-2014 Jefferson Street: Revitalization Strategies in Historic Black Business Districts (with Karl Jones, CRA, & David Padgett, TSU; for Metro Nashville Planning Department‘s Strategic Plan re Jefferson Street corridor; in collaboration with JUMP: Jefferson St. United Merchants Partnership). Photos: East Market St.-Greensboro Auburn Ave.-Atlanta

2013 “Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships—Nashville: Final Report to the Health Department of Metropolitan Davidson County and the Community Themes and Strengths Committee.” (the students of HOD 2670, supervised by Gardella, J.H., & Perkins, D.D., December 19, 2013).

2012 Fieldschool in Intercultural Education & Action Research, Cape Town, South Africa: Youth and Community Development (with University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University)

2007-2012 Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (VICTR)/ Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA): Community Engaged Research Core (CERC)

2006-2011 Nashville Urban Partnership Academic Center of Excellence (NUPACE) for Youth Violence Prevention Research | Organizational Networks Project: See Publications: 44. Nation et al; 48. Bess et al.

2008-09 Building community: Comparing resident satisfaction, sense of community, and neighboring in a New Urban and a suburban neighborhood. (Vick, Perkins; with funding from Southern Land Corporation)

2007-09 The Hidden Costs of Homelessness in Nashville: A Report to the Nashville Metro Homelessness Commission (Voorhees, Perkins (PI), Brown)

2007-08 Edgehill Community Assessment Summary Report [10+ MB full Final Report available on request] (Co-PIs: Fraser, Perkins, Weninger, Chatman)

2007 Field School in Intercultural Education & Research: Guangxi, China (Director: Perkins, Co-Director: Robinson; RAs: Brooks, Gould, Kopsumbut, Lilienthal, Magvanjav, Marks, Miller, Siankam, Solomon, Zheng) | Measures: Chinese Community Needs Assessment Survey [English version]Chinese Version of Survey / 河东区需求评估 | Information Letter in Chinese / 社区需求评估信息信

2005-07 Community Impacts of Hurricane Katrina (in New Orleans and with residents displaced to Nashville with Courte Voorhees, John Vick, Brian Christens, Paul Speer, Bill Partridge)

2004-07 New SPECs: Changing Paradigms in Human Services-Paper 1Paper 2Project Structure and Overview of Work Plan (PI: Prilleltensky, Co-PI: Perkins, Consultant: Newbrough, RAs: Evans, Bess, Collins, Hanlin, Voorhees, Conway, McCown)

2004 Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness (10-year plan 5.2 MB PDF) | Strategic Framework on Homelessness |News Article | The Key Alliance Archive

2003-04 South Nashville Community Needs & Assets Assessment [1 MB doc; Measures in Appendices]

2002-04 Learning Communities & Community Organizations, funded by the Learning Sciences Institute; Community Learning Organization Case Study Interview Protocol

2002-03 Nashville Immigrant Community Assessment (CoPI) [3.7 MB pdf, including description of methods]

2001-02 Impacts Of Nashville Housing Redevelopment Projects

1997-2000 Neighborhood Revitalization & Disorder: An Intervention Evaluation (funded by National Institute of Justice; PI: Barbara Brown; Co-PI: Doug Perkins): Executive SummaryMeasures: Salt Lake City Resident Survey (Time 2), including Physical Revitalization & Incumbent Upgrading, Perceived Neighborhood Cohesion & Problems, Community Confidence & other Cognitions & behaviors, Fear, CrimeSpanish Version of Survey/Encuesta sobre el idioma españolRevised Block Environmental Inventory (RBEI) | List of Variables and Methods used in SLC Project

1993-95 Neighborhood Assessment: West Salt Lake City Revitalization Initiative. Part of Demonstration Grant from U.S. Dept. Housing & Urban Development to Salt Lake City Dept. Community & Economic Development (PI)

1992 Block Boosters, Revisited (follow-up study; PI)

1989 The Aftermath of the 1989 California Earthquake: Impact of government and media responses on community

1986-88 Mental Health: Adaptive Coping with Urban Crime & Fear (funded by National Institute of Mental Health; PI: Ralph Taylor; Director: Doug Perkins) |Measures:Baltimore block-neighborhood survey-Time 1 (crime, disorder, fear, perceptions, stress, coping, support, collective efficacy, social capital)Block Environmental Inventory

1984-86 Block Boosters: The Role of Block Associations in Community Development & Crime Prevention (funded by Ford Foundation; PIs: David Chavis, Paul Florin, Richard Rich, Abe Wandersman) + Participation and the social and physical environment of residential blocks: Crime and community context (1985-86; funded by National Institute of Justice; PI: Douglas Perkins) | Measures: Block Booster Telephone Survey (Time 1), including Sense of Community Index, Participation, Neighboring, and Collective Efficacy scalesBlock Booster Environmental Inventory

1982-83 Elementary School Interpersonal Problem-solving Training: An evaluation in 2 schools. Westchester County, NY, Schools and Mental Health Dept.

Sample Service-Learning/Consultation Projects:

Plan of Nashville Project and Book

Davidson County Metro Development & Housing Agency and Planning DepartmentImpacts Of Nashville Housing Redevelopment Projects. A pilot study

Cumberland Region Tomorrow Smart Growth Visioning Workshop Training and Group Facilitation

Envision Utah (Social and Crime Impact Committees)