Rafat Tumor and Tissue Microenvironment Laboratory



7/26/19: Congrats to Steven Alves for completing the first Master’s thesis in the Rafat Lab!


7/24/19: Take a look at Steven’s JoVe video: https://youtu.be/PcT80XjT0fs

5/3/19: Check out Ben’s JoVE video: https://youtu.be/IKpsHnToU9g

2/16/19: Anesha Walker won the best undergraduate poster award at the 18th Annual MVTCP symposium. Congrats, Anesha!image3


12/13/18: End of the year celebration to wind down from the stress of finals, projects, and talks with far too much foodIMG_1781

12/7/18: Ben Hacker and Steven Alves gave great talks for the Vanderbilt Center for Bone Biology Seminar Series.

Bone Center Seminar 12-7-2018-01

12/6/18: Akrimi Fauzi and Drake Shaub presented their research at the ChBE Undergraduate Research Poster Session.



11/3/18: The Rafat Lab participated in the ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. This was a great opportunity to support breast cancer survivors and research!


9/27/18: Elena Irvine presented at the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair

9/6/18: Akrimi Fauzi presented at the VUSE Summer Research Poster Session

8/2/18: Anesha Walker presented at the VSSA Student Research Symposium

7/12/18: Ben Hacker’s abstract was accepted as an oral presentation at the 2018 AIChE meeting

7/10/18: Steven Alves’ abstract was accepted as an oral presentation at the 2018 BMES meeting

5/15/18: Rafat Lab grand opening

4/3/18: Akrimi Fauzi was accepted to the VUSE Summer Research Program

4/15/18: Anesha Walker was accepted into the Meharry-Vanderbilt-TSU Cancer Partnership (MVTCP) Program

4/2/18: Elena Irvine received a VUSRP Fellowship

3/28/18: Anastasia Shostak was accepted into the VICC Cure Summer Research Program

1/1/18: Dr. Rafat joined the Vanderbilt ChBE faculty