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The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair provides an opportunity for our undergraduates to share their work in a campus-wide celebration of undergraduate student research. The fair is sponsored by the Office of Experiential Learning and Immersion Vanderbilt and the Office of the Provost.

The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair Spring 2024 Poster Winners

 Basic and Natural Sciences

Winner: Liudmyla Arifova

Title: Exploring the Molecular Mechanism of Nuclear Receptor PPARg for Diabetes and Bladder Cancer Therapeutics
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Kojetin

Runner-Up: Sana Fatah

Title: Investigating the Effect of RANKL Signaling on Bone Marrow Derived Monocytes
Faculty Mentor: Jim Cassat

Runner-Up: Norbu Shastri

Title: Characterizing the Effects of Temperature, Age, and Their Interaction on Lytic Immunity in Anopheles gambiae
Faculty Mentor: Julian Hillyer

Runner-Up: Joshua Park

Title: Screening CD33-targeting siRNA Sequences for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Faculty Mentor: Ethan Lippmann

Clinical and Translational Research & Public Health

Winner: Isabelle Smith

Title: Effects of Hypertensive Endothelial Cell Stretch on the Formation of exTregs
Faculty Mentor: Matt Alexander

Runner-Up: Jacob Myers

Title: Blocking Purine Biosynthesis Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity Through Futile Cycle Upregulation
Faculty Mentor: Elma Zaganjor

Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, and Mathematics

Winner: Ada Novak

Title: Interactive Map of Risk Indicators for Critical Infrastructure Systems: A Case Study of Greater Houston Power Infrastructure
Faculty Mentor: Hiba Baroud

Runner-Up: Abihith Kothapalli

Title: Stereographic Spherical Sliced Wasserstein Distances
Faculty Mentor: Soheil Kolouri

Social, Behavioral, Education Studies, and Humanities

Winner: Nandi Zhang

Title: Parasympathetic Regulation and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Faculty Mentor: Blythe Corbett

Runner-Up: Casey Carrow

Title: Maternal prenatal anxiety and infant negative affect: Investigating the moderating role of caregiving sensitivity
Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Humphreys

Runner-Up: Zoe Abel & Lily Baker

Title: From ‘helping peers succeed’ to ‘struggling to develop research questions’
Faculty Mentor: Cynthia Brame


Undergraduate Research Fair

Vanderbilt students who have completed research projects are invited to share their work with the campus community. Students must present work that was completed while enrolled at Vanderbilt.

Undergraduate Research Fair Chancellor Daniel Diermeier
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Partner offices have provided additional resources which are helpful to research projects.

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