The Fallen Veil: A Literary and Cultural History of the Photographic Nude in 19th Century France (book project)

“Nana in the Nude: Zola and Early Nude Photography” (Forthcoming, Dix-Neuf)

“1880: The Year of Pornography” (Forthcoming, Romanic Review)

“Baudelaire’s Bodies, or Re-Dressing the Wrongs of Pornography,” (Forthcoming, Word and Image)

“Stockings and Mirrors.” Edgar Degas: A Strange Beauty. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2016. 136-141.

“Sex Education: Obscenity, Romanticism, and Creativity in Flaubert’s letters from the Voyage en Égypte and L’Éducation sentimentale.Nineteenth-Century French Studies 44:1-2 (Winter 2015-2016)

“Black and White and Re(a)d All Over: L’Étudiant noir, Communism and the Birth of Negritude” Research in African Literatures 44:4 (Winter 2013)

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