Science Fiction

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

“The Perfect Story,” May 2001

“Happy Deathday,” July/August 2001

“Born Under the Sign of Bonanza,” November 2003

“Equivalence Principle,” January/February 2004

“Extra Innings,” November 2004 [honorable mention, The Year’s Best Science Fiction, ed. Gardner Dozois.  As some reviewers guessed, this story is loosely based on some real-life experiences]

“Copernican Principle,” March 2005

“How I Saved the National Science Foundation,” April 2008

“A Flash of Lightning,” December 2009

“Descartes’s Stepchildren,” January/February 2013

“Fermi Meets Sagan,” December 2016

“Portle,” July/August 2019 [second place in the annual Analog readers’ poll]

“Timing,” September/October 2021

Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction

“Anthropic Principle,” Paradox #4, Winter 2004.

Nature:  Futures

Inculturation,” 27 January, 2011

“The common app,” 24 May, 2012