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Black Resistance and Negotiation in Latin America: Runaway Slave Communities. Colloquium and Special Issue

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Colloquium Announcement:
On 7-8 October, 2016, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will host the Black Resistance and Negotiation in Latin America Colloquium. It will invite 21 speakers from 11 universities, 7 disciplines, and 4 countries to generate new ideas on black identity and struggles for survival and justice throughout the Americas in the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. This year’s theme will be “Runaway Slave Communities.” William Luis’s keynote will recognize the historical Afro-Cuban testimony Biography of a Runaway Slave by maroon Esteban Montejo on its fiftieth anniversary. Representatives of San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia will give a second keynote on Afro-Colombian culture. A workshop for K-12 Spanish teachers will complement the colloquium. National and international experts from a variety of disciplines will give presentations in English and Spanish at UAB’s new Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Sponsored by the Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies and the Alabama Humanities Foundation, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. For more information, contact John Maddox,, or Graciela Maglia,

Afro-Hispanic Review Special Issue Call for Papers:
This special interdisciplinary issue of the Afro-Hispanic Review examines maroon communities in Latin America to reassess the concept of “maroonage,” escaping slavery, negotiation with slave-based and racist systems, and resistance against oppression from colonial times to the context of our globalized world. Taking as point of departure recent literary, cultural, linguistic, historical, archeological, and anthropological studies, this issue will problematize the ideas of resistance and negotiation within Afro-diasporic studies at large, thus including material culture, social movements, and postcolonial studies. The issue celebrates UNESCO’s designation of 2015-2024 as the Decade of the Afrodescendant, bringing together representatives and works from various regions of Latin America. Editor William Luis and Guest Editors John Maddox and Graciela Maglia invite submissions of articles (20-30 pages, 2016 MLA Style [8th ed.]) by 1 August 2017. Submissions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese will be considered. Editors will also consider relevant creative writing, interviews, book reviews, and unpublished materials. Please submit articles in Microsoft Word as attachments sent to Please contact the guest editors directly at or with any inquiries regarding this special issue on runaway slave communities.

Announcement and Call For Papers

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