In order to be reimburse, we will need itemized receipts that show the  method of payment. We can not use scans or copies, so you will have to send the original receipts by mail or give them to us during the workshop.

Moreover, you will need to fill in some forms (which will depend if you are a resident or nonresident). We will provide paper copies of the forms during the workshop or you can download them from here.

Every person that is going to be reimbursed needs to fill in the following form.

If you don’t want to be taxed in your reimbursement you need to fill in one of these forms: for residents and for non-residents.

By default a check will be sent to the address you provide. If you want the reimbursement to be wired to your bank account you need one of these forms: for US wires and for international wires.

You can give the forms filled to (Yago Antolin or Andrew Sale) during the workshop. Or mail them to

KT Griffis, Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University,1326 Stevenson Center, Nashville, TN 37240-0001, USA

If you have any questions, please e-mail:

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