Spring 2021 Lab Zoom “Photo”. From top-left: Isabella Brown, Jonathan Lane, Savannah Stewart, Vik Reddy, Kolapo Dairo, Emily Conder, Alex Ford, Nicolette Granata, Livia De Luca Almeida, Katy Hamilton, Raina Harpalani, Chyna Bacchus.


Dr. Jonathan Lane
Principal Investigator


Emily Conder
Graduate Student
Emily is interested in the development of social cognition in early to middle childhood, and in adults. She investigates how children’s intergroup attitudes are influenced by overheard messages about social groups. She also examines how adults’ judgments of perpetrators differ based on their knowledge of perpetrators’ extenuating circumstances.


Nicolette Granata
Graduate Student
Nicolette’s research interests include children’s theory of mind, moral development, and concepts of disability. She hopes that her research will be applied to inform how children learn about and interact with peers with disabilities, decreasing the victimization experienced by persons with disabilities and fostering social inclusion.


Alex Ford
Graduate Student

Alex is interested in children’s civic engagement and moral development.

Research Assistants

(Listed by tenure in lab)


Isabella Brown

Isabella is a senior Psychology major. She will be pursuing graduate studies in nursing this coming fall.


Vik Reddy

Vik is a senior Psychology major, graduating in 2021. After graduation, he plans on attending medical school.


Kolapo Dairo

Kolapo is a junior majoring in Psychology and Medicine, Health, & Society. This spring is his third semester in the lab. After graduating, he wants to attend medical school, where he hopes to continue doing psychological research.


Raina Harpalani

Raina is a junior studying Child Development, Spanish, and Medicine, Health, & Society. This is her third semester working in the Social Cognition Lab. She hopes to one day attend medical school and continue to work with children.


Katy Hamilton

Katy is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. After completing her undergraduate studies, she plans on gaining additional experience in Psychology before pursuing a Masters degree to become a licensed clinical therapist.


Livia De Luca Almeida

Livia is a freshman, studying Psychology and on the pre-med track. After graduating, she hopes to attend medical school to one day become a pediatrician. She is originally from Brazil, and one of her favorite things to do is go on walks around campus.


Savannah Stewart

Savannah is a a sophomore studying HOD, Spanish, and Psychology. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in Consulting, Human Resources, or something involving the social sciences.


Chyna Bacchus

Chyna is a sophomore studying Medicine, Health, & Society and Economics. After graduating, she hopes to pursue graduate studies in healthcare administration.

Fall 2019: Emily Conder presents at the meeting of the Cognitive Development Society.

Fall 2019: Nicolette Granata presents at the meeting of the Cognitive Development Society.

Summer 2018: Noora Jamal presents preliminary results on how children learn about new social groups.

Summer 2016: Corry Ke presents preliminary results on children’s understanding of invisible entities.

Lab Mascot


Lab Alumni

Megan Wiebe, Katie Metzger,  Janelle Brown,  Shreya Karak, Charlotte Buck, Mackenzie Jackson,  Shaan Ramaprasad,  Leoncia Gillespie, Mary Tezak, Troy Morrow,  Alex Wolfe,  Taylor Boothby,  Marlotte deJong,  Anna Yarinsky, Sophia She, Rose Capin, Becca Berger, Kiara Hibbler, Caroline Curran, Emma Baker, Kathryn Coughlin,  Haley Green,  Joseph Barnett, Ethan Schmerling,  Kelly Warren, Carolyn Yee,  Ted Schachtman, Andrew Virgile,  Victoria Tu    [listed by tenure in lab]