Stacey Margarita Johnson

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Stacey is the Assistant Director for Educational Technology at the Center for Teaching. She also holds an appointment as a Senior Lecturer of Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, is Affiliated Faculty in the Center for Second Language Studies, and Adjunct Faculty in Peabody College’s Masters program in English Language Learners.


In fall 2019 Stacey will be teaching SPAN 1101: Elementary Spanish I. In the SLS program, Stacey often teaches SLS 6030 – Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, a methods-oriented course that explores principles and practices of teaching a second language with concentration on recent interactive and communicative models of foreign language instruction. Stacey also occasionally teaches SLS 7040Second Language Acquisition: Current Theories and Research, a graduate seminar that explores second language development from the perspectives of cognitive and sociocultural theories.You can check out some of Stacey’s students’ work on the course blog Second Language Studies.

Stacey has also taught in the Peabody School of Education in the English Language Learners program. For the last several years, she has taught EDUC 6580 – EFL Methods, a course that explores the methods and classroom practices that best support foreign language learning in international contexts. Most recently, she was able to teach EDUC 3720 – Principles for Teaching ELL Students, a course for non-ELL education majors that prepares them to understand and support English language learners they may have in their classrooms.

Stacey’s research interests include classroom practices, hybrid/blended instruction, and adult language learning including transformative learning and the development of intercultural competence. Her first book, Hybrid Language Teaching in Practice: Perceptions, Reactions, and Results, co-authored with Berta Carrasco, was published in March 2015, and her second book, Adult Learning in the Language Classroom, came out later that same year. Currently she is working on two projects: a study of adjunct language faculty’s professional development and her third book, co-authored with Claire Knowles with expected publication in 2019, about the potential of a problem-based model for language and culture instruction.

Stacey’s hybrid teaching experience and expertise in educational technology are central to her CFT role supporting Vanderbilt instructors as they explore how Brightspace and other online learning platforms can be more effectively used to enhance student learning. She also works with language faculty in support of language teaching on campus.

Recent Publications


Johnson, S.M. (2015). Adult learning in the language classroom. Bristol, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

Carrasco, B., & Johnson, S.M. (2015). Hybrid language teaching in practice: Perceptions, reactions, and results. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Articles and Chapters

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We Teach Languages
I started this podcast as part of my work with the podcasting faculty learning community at Vanderbilt, in part in order to provide my graduate students in my language teaching methods courses with both content related to our course as well as opportunities to participate in the production of the podcast.

I have produced 84 weekly episodes and 38 newsletters as of 12/21/18.

Leading Lines

This podcast explores innovative uses of technology in education and is a collaboration of the Associate Provost of Digital Learning, the Vanderbilt University Library, the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning, and the Center for Teaching.

Episodes I have produced:

Season 1, Episode 6: Lee Forester and Bill VanPatten

Season 2, Episode 15: Bill Pannapacker

Season 3, Episode 25: Elizabeth Self

Season 4, Episode 34: Derek Price, Kyle Romero, and Terrell Taylor

Season 4, Episode 36: Melissa Mallon


Recent Conference Presentations

2018                Sessions “Part-Time⁄Adjunct Language Faculty and Professional Development” and with L.J. Randolph and Jen Wooten. “Enacting Social Justice in Teacher Education”. American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Nashville, TN. November 2017.

2018                Session. “Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC): Getting Started”. Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association (TFLTA). Franklin, TN. November 2018.

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2017                Sessions with L.J. Randolph . “Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A Call to Action” and with Jacob Abell, a GTA and my graduate methods student. “Connections: Case Studies on Linking Literature and Language Teaching”. ACTFL. Nashville, TN. November 2017.

2017                Panel with Cassandra Glynn, L.J. Randolph, Beth Wassell, & Pam Wesely. “Challenges and Opportunities for Social Justice in World Language Teacher Education: Critical Media Literacy”. Language Teacher Education (LTE) Conference. Los Angeles, CA. February 2017.

2016                Workshop session. “Engage the Real World: A Problem-Based Model for Teaching Culture” ACTFL. Boston, MA. November 2016.

2016                Presentations. “Organizing Language Instruction with the Experiential Learning Model” and “Intercultural Communicative Competence: Tools and Methods” (the latter co-presented with Lee Forester). 98th Annual American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Miami, FL. July 2016.

2015                Workshop session. “Transformative Language Learning: From Theory to Practice”. ACTFL. San Diego, CA. November 2015.

2015                Presentations. “Getting the Most out of your Online Discussion Boards” and “Demonstrating Intercultural Language Learning”. 97th Annual AATSP. Denver, CO. July 2015.

2014                Workshop. “Hybrid Language Teaching” 2014 Conference of Midwest Association for Language Learning and Technology (MWALLT). Bloomington, IL. November 2014.

2014                Presentation with my undergraduate methods students. “Problem-Based Culture Instruction: Engaging Real-World Issues in the Language Classroom“. 2014 Conference Michigan World Language Association (MIWLA). Lansing, MI. October, 2014.

2014                Presentations. “Smartphone Pedagogy: Putting Gadgets to Work in the Classroom” and “Teaching Culture for Transformation”. 96th Annual AATSP. Panama City, Panama. July 2014.