New York City street style is often described as edgy, diverse, energetic, and bold. It is hard to describe the exact characteristics that make a New Yorker’s style stand out. Yet when analyzing the nuances of an outfit, it is apparent that it is the culturally unique heritage of the city that allows people to express themselves freely through their fashion choices. In NYC, and American at large, the ideas of individualism and freedom are expressed through fashion choices. The pictures below are taken by Vogue street style photographer, Phil Oh, at New York fashion week, spring 2019.

Milan street style, as first glance, may seems similar in style to the look of many other regions around the world. However this is in part due to the large global influence Milanese fashion has throughout the global fashion industry. Milan is a style hub, home to many of the industry’s┬ámost high-end, famous, popular┬ádesigners, this creates a unique sense of national identity in Milan. There is a large sense of pride associated with fashion in Italy, and more specifically in Milan, therefore the pictures taken by Oh at Milan fashion week of spring 2019, depict traditional, yet glossy and eye-catching looks.