Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tennessee's Voluntary Pre-K Program


Dr. Mark Lipsey, Principal Investigator

Dr. Dale Farran, Co-Principal Investigator
Senior Associate Director

Janie Hughart, Program Coordinator
Research Coordinator

Rick Feldser, M.S., Research Analyst

Kayla Polk, M.S., Research Analyst

Ilknur Sekmen, M.S., Research Analyst

Dr. Carol Bilbrey, Education Research Consultant

We thankfully acknowledge the valuable contributions to the project made by:

Connie Casha, Director, TN Department of Education Office of Early Learning, Division of Curriculum and Instruction

Robert Taylor, Project Consultant and former Superintendent of Bradley County Schools

Bobbi Lussier, Executive Director, Office of Student Teaching/Teacher Licensure, Middle Tennessee State University; former Assistant Commissioner of Special Populations

Kerry Hofer, Judy Formosa, Tonya Simmons, Deanna Meador, Tim Tucker, Dr. Nianbo Dong, Patricia Abelson, Chris Ham, Diane Hughes, Elise Tepner, Lisa Swain, Travis Wimsett, Kurt Scheib, Laura Kerr, Sascha Mowrey, Alana Rimmel, Caroline Shanti, Tracey Ray, & Ann Hollingsworth

Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation, and Development

Assessors across Tennessee

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The five-year, $6 million study is funded by grant #R305E090009 from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Science.

The new five-year, $4 million study to follow a portion of the original sample is funded by grant #R01HD079461-01 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's National Institutes of Health.