Vanderbilt Translational Research Forum

2016 Agenda

Friday, October 14, 2016

Light Breakfast

7:30 AM
Student Life Center Lobby


8:00 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Mentoring Awards

8:15 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:45 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Impulsive and Compulsive Behaviors in Parkinson’s Disease (T1)
Daniel Claassen, MD, MS
Asst. Professor, Neurology

Renal Fibrosis: Usual Suspects in Unusual Roles (T0)
Leslie Gewin, MD
Asst. Professor, Nephrology*

Norepinephrine Transporter Inhibition for the Treatment of Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension in Autonomic Failure (T2)
Cyndya Shibao, MD, MSCI
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*

Dosing Physiological and Psychological Relaxation Through Slow Breathing (T2)
Gurjeet Birdee, MD
Asst. Professor, General Internal Medicine & Public Health*

Morning Breakout Sessions

10:15 AM

Room 1Room 2Room 3
A Prospective Cohort Study for Comparative Effectiveness of Localized Prostate Cancer (T2)
Daniel Barocas, MD, MPH
Assoc. Professor, Urologic Surgery
The Use of Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitors to Prevent Bladder Inflammation (T1)
Douglass Clayton, MD
Asst. Professor, Urology
Genetic Resilience to Alzheimer's Disease (T1)
Timothy Hohman, PhD
Asst. Professor, Neurology
Genetics of Gestational Diabetes (T4)
Vivian Kawai, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*
Nuclear Factor I/B Regulates Androgen Receptor Activity (T0)
Magdalena Grabowska, PhD
Rsch Asst. Professor, Urology
Telomeres, Centromeres and Genetic Risk for Pulmonary Fibrosis (T1)
Jonathan Kropski, MD
Asst. Professor, Allergy, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine*
The Challenges and Opportunities for Retaining Pregnant and Postpartum Women in HIV Care in South Africa (T4)
Kate Clouse, PhD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Infectious Diseases*
Oxidative Lipid-modifications, Inflammation and Hypertension (T0)
Annet Kirabo, DVM, MSC, PhD
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*
Nudging Health: Developing and Piloting a Patient-facing Diabetes Dashboard Providing Social and Goal-based Comparisons (T2)
William Martinez, MD, MS
Asst. Professor, General Internal Medicine & Public Health*

Poster Session

11:00 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom C

Guest Plenary Lecture

12:00 PM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Richard Platt, MD, MSc
Professor and Chair of Population Medicine
Harvard University
Principal Investigator of the FDA Mini-Sentinel Program
Principal Investigator of the PCORI National Patient Centered Clinical Research Network Coordinating Center

Afternoon Plenary Sessions

1:15 PM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

The INSIGHT-ICU Study: Illuminating Neuropsychological dysfunction and Systemic Inflammatory Mechanisms Gleaned after Hospitalization in Trauma-ICU Study (T3)
Mayur Patel, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Trauma, Emergency General Surgery & Surgical Critical Care^

Patient-Centered Treatment Decision Making in Advanced Prostate Cancer (T3)
Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Hematology-Oncology

Enhancing Cognitive Function in Alzheimer’s Disease (T0)
Jerri Rook, PhD
Asst. Professor, Pharmacology

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

2:15 PM

Room 1Room 2Room 3
Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Patients with Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis (T3)
Yuri van der Heijden, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Infectious Diseases*
Modulation of Human Endothelial Toll-like Receptors During Acute Infectious Challenge (T0)
Ryan Stark, MD
Asst. Professor, Critical Care Medicine**
Accelerated Aging: Immunosenescence and Frailty in HIV-infected Adults (T1)
Jessica Castilho, MD
Asst. Professor, Infectious Diseases*
Supporting Healthy Maternal Gestational Weight Gain to Prevent Childhood Obesity: A Path Forward (T4)
William Heerman, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, General Pediatrics**
Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factors: Using Genetics to Teach Old Data New Tricks (T0)
Jonathan Mosley, MD, PhD
Instructor, Clinical Pharmacology*
ALCAM as an Indicator of Prognosis and Treatment Response in Urogenital Cancers (T1)
Shanna Arnold, PhD, MSCI
Instructor, Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology
Understanding the Complexities of Time-sensitive Care Transitions (T4)
Michael Ward, MD, PhD, MBA
Asst. Professor, Emergency Medicine
In Situ Reprogramming of Induced Nephron Progenitor Cells for Kidney Regeneration (T0)
Lauren Woodard, PhD
Instructor, Nephrology*
Encouraging and Shaping Family Engagement in Adults' Diabetes Self-care via Mobile Health (T2)
Lindsay Mayberry, PhD, MS
Asst. Professor, General Internal Medicine & Public Health*


3:15 PM

Raffle prizes, giveaways, and closing remarks

* Department of Medicine
** Department of Pediatrics
^ Department of Surgery


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