The Vanderbilt Undergrad Seminar

The Undergraduate Seminar in Mathematics is an hour long talk, held every other week. There you can hear about some of the many deep and interesting areas of mathematics beyond what you would see in the classroom of most math classes. The talks are designed to be accessible to any college student; little to no math background is required. The seminar occurs most weeks on Tuesday from 5:20-6:20pm, in Stevenson 1210. Come by and enjoy some pizza and soda before the talk, and hear about something new. We hope to see you there!

Fall 2023’s talks: (This list will be updated as talks are scheduled.)

September 26: Junhwi Lim
Title:  Shor’s Factoring Algorithm
Abstract. Given an integer N how do you find its prime factors? There are several algorithms you can run on computers to get the answer.  If N is a 100,000-digit integer, modern supercomputer will give you the answer in over 10^15 times the age of universe. However, if you run Shor’s Factoring Algorithm on a quantum computer, you can find the answer in less than a second. In this talk, we will explain what Shor’s Factoring Algorithm is. First, we start by introducing linear algebra, which is a mathematical theory used in quantum computation. Then we will see how general quantum computations and Shor’s factoring algorithm works. If time permits, we will go through number theoretic details of the algorithm. 

October 10: Fabian Circelli
Title: TBA
Abstract. TBA

October 17: Webb Glen
Title: Models of COVID-19 Epidemics
Abstract. Mathematical models are developed to provide predictions for COVID-19 pandemics. The models incorporate asymptomatic and symptomatic transmission. The models incorporate reported and unreported cases. Reported case data is used to parameterize the models. The models are used to project the epidemic forward with varying public health measures.

October 24: TBA
Title: TBA
Abstract. TBA

November 7:  Anna Vinnedge
Title: TBA
Abstract. TBA

November 14: Madi Sousa
Title: TBA
Abstract. TBA

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