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Current Courses

HOD 2100: Understanding Organizations (3 credits)

Introduction to theory and research on human behavior in organizations. Aimed at providing a framework for understanding the dynamics of organizations around the basic issues that confront all organizations (e.g., goal setting, work performance, leadership, decision making, and managing change).


HOD 2500: Systematic Inquiry (3 credits)

Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods, including identification of research problem, review and evaluation of literature, and design of research project.


 HOD 3890: Judgment and Decision-Making (3 credits)

Introduction to common decision-making errors with an understanding of the cognitive, contextual, and emotional factors behind them. Students will develop strategies to prevent false judgments and irrational decisions in realistic settings. Students will receive training in the use of Microsoft Excel as a tool for decision-making and they will complete the course with the MOS Certification at the Expert level.


 ENGM 3300: Technology Assessment and Forecasting (3 credits)

Methods of assessing technological changes in the social, political, ecological, economic, legal, and institutional environments. Students develop and write forecasts for decision makers using a variety of strategies including the Delphi Method, Monitoring, Normative Techniques, and Scenarios.