Subject Pool Update

After our Spring recruiting drive, VUEEL now has 475 participants (and counting) in the subject pool. We will be running several sessions over the next two weeks. If you are interested in signing up to participate, visit

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Recruitment System Now Active

We have now launched an online recruitment system using the ORSEE.3 recruitment software. The system allows people interested in participating in our experiments to sign up to receive e-mail invitations to experiment sessions. If you are interested in participating, please sign up on the site below:

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New Experimental Economics Reading Group and Seminar

A new experimental economics reading group and seminar will meet on Thursdays in Calhoun Hall 413B from 12:15-1:00. We will be discussing selected classic and cutting-edge experimental papers and original research.

E-mail Greg Leo if you would like to be added to the announcement list.

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Ahrash Dianat Visits VUEEL

Friend of the show Ahrash Dianat visited VUEEL last week to present recent experiments in two-sided matching. Ahrash and co-author Marco Castillo interpret the incentives faced by the accepting side of the deferred acceptance algorithm as a coordination game. Their experiment focuses on the resulting equilibrium selection problem.


While visiting, Ahrash took the opportunity to test some upcoming experiment software on our new computers, which are now ready for prime-time.


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Ahrash Dianat Speaks October 25

Ahrash Dianat (Caltech) is speaking October \(25^{th}\) at the VU Micro Brownbag. He will present his paper: Equilibrium Selection in Stable Matching Mechanisms: Experimental Evidence.

Ahrash studies two-sided matching mechanisms using experimental methods. His paper Truncation Strategies in Two-sided Matching Markets: Theory and Experiment with Marco Castillo was recently published in Games and Economic Behavior.

Ahrash received his PhD from George Mason University in 2015 and is currently spending his days in sunny Pasadena as a post-doc at Caltech.

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Launch of VUEEL

I am happy to announce the launch of the Vanderbilt University Experimental Economics Lab. We have received 18 new Acer Cloudbook laptops along with 3 TechTubs ready to tote them round. With dedicated hardware and a webpage, we are about as official as it gets for experimental economics labs. We will also have the ORSEE system running soon to ease recruitment and scheduling of experiments.

We have several experiments planned for the fall. I will hold off on posting more about the experiments until the data is collected. In the meanwhile, head over to the working papers and publications tab to read about what our affiliated faculty and graduate students have been working on.


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